Crucify one, Glorify the other

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports beat me to it, but I’m going to go on my little rant anyways (thank you Charles for the inspiration).

The easy target for most writers to poke fun of this week is Kentucky coach John Calipari. And rightfully so. This will be his third trip to the Final Four and first with Kentucky. Because of NCAA infractions, his first two trips with UMASS (1996) and Memphis (2008) have been vacated by the NCAA. We won’t know for a couple of years if this team is “clean” by NCAA standards, but we’re all pulling for ya’ John!

But then there’s the other coach who will stand on the other side of half-court on Saturday night. He has his fair share of NCAA investigations and shady recruiting but no one seems to be as quick to point that out…

We broke the rules, but DIDN'T CHEAT!!

Calhoun’s NCAA violations, sketchy recruiting tactics, and ineptness when disciplining players that misbehave  just seem to be forgotten though. Before we get to his latest violation, let’s go through a little history lesson on Calhoun:

That’s just a little taste of some of Jim Calhoun’s scandalous history. But then the Nate Miles situation arouse this year regarding his involvement with a former UCONN manager. When the Big East threw the book at him gave him a slap on the wrist by suspending him 3 Big East games next year, many skeptics said it wasn’t enough. Of course it wasn’t enough and of course it should have happened this year! But after reading this Slam piece from Miles’s point of view, my hatred for Calhoun reached its peak.

The guy is a slime ball. A ruthless jerk who only looks out for numero uno. I’m not even gonna go into his poor sportsmanship (try thinking of the last time he ever congratulated an opposing coach, actually don’t– it’ll take you awhile and you won’t remember one instance). I’m not even gonna mention his short temper with the media (see the Ryan Gomes blow up or the Connecticut state deficit fiasco). At least Calipari is engaging to the media and is a gracious loser.

Basketball junkies know that Calhoun’s checkered past is just as bad (if not worse) than Calipari’s. The general public probably doesn’t. Hopefully this helps.



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3 responses to “Crucify one, Glorify the other

  1. Patrick McHugh

    Love it. Calhoun is such a surly prick. Im just as skeptical of Calipari as anyone (See Jones, Terrance and his UW recruitment), but I have this weird inability to root fully against him. If Jim Calhoun didn’t have one of the most likable players in the tourney, I’d have hoped they lost by now. Still, Calhoun seems to suck the joy out of his team’s success. Unfortunately his reputation is protected by many of his cronies in Bristol.

    Good piece Giblin

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  3. jason

    I’m sure “this help[ed]” – you have such a huge audience it probably changed the way the entire World views Coach Calhoun. Well done.

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