(Very) Rapid Reaction

When three of us pick one team, you know you have to go the other way.

UConn has won the 2010-2011 National Championship. I think most would agree that the game was a bit disappointing. Whenever only one team gets into the 50s–and barely, at that–you know it wasn’t the most exciting game to watch. Clark Kellogg made the point a few times that while UConn was playing pretty good defense, a lot of Butler’s shots were pretty good looks at the basket.

What I would have liked to have seen Butler do more was drive-and-kick or pull up from about 12 feet. Once UConn’s bigs blocked a few shots inside, Butler stopped driving the ball altogether. They ran a completely side-to-side offense and that is a recipe for disaster. I also didn’t understand Matt Howard playing around the three point line so much. That completely took him out of the offensive rebounding game and didn’t allow him to get to the free throw line very much.

UConn was just the better basketball team. Jeremy Lamb really made all the difference for them, tonight–added a completely different dimension to their offense that they missed in the first half. He was really the one guy no one could guard. It will be very interesting to see how good this team will be next year, without Kemba Walker (making the strong assumption that he won’t be back). I think Lamb could very well be ready to become an elite player, and, for better or for worse, we might be seeing them make another run next year.

More to come…



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2 responses to “(Very) Rapid Reaction

  1. conormu

    Agree with your thinking here, 1850. Another thought I would add is a bit of added disappointment on the defensive end for Butler. Obviously, going into the game, if you told me that UConn would post 53 points, I’d have taken out a mortgage to bet on Butler. But stat-sheets aside, I was underwhelmed with Butler’s defensive intensity. On a few occasions, UConn connected on completely uncontested jumpers – I’m talking the type of uncontested jumpers that we see in the NBA. I kept thinking that if the Bulldogs could make one great defensive play, it would jump-start the offense, but it just never happened. Mediocre defensive intensity was not the formula for Butler’s run, and I was disappointed to see it come out when it mattered the most.

  2. mays1850

    I think Butler’s struggles on the offensive end started to affect the other aspects of their game, i.e. their defense. You could tell that they were starting to press really hard after about the 20th shot that went in-and-out or touched every part of the rim before rattling out.

    For as much that was made about their experience having been there before, it was surprising to see Butler panic a little bit. I absolutely hated when they switched into that 1-3-1 zone defense–it was the epitomy of a panic move, and one that didn’t need to be made. Like I said, the problem wasn’t their defense at that point, it was their shooting.

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