NC State hires Gottfried… fans searching for Debbie Yow’s home

While most people are still talking about last night’s National Championship game (maybe the worst title game since the 2002 contest between Maryland and Indiana), NC State’s A.D. Debbie Yow struck out again in her attempt to lure someone to coach the Wolfpack basketball team when Witchita State coach Greg Marshall declined convinced Mark Gottfried to become her new head basketball coach. Gottfried has been working with ESPN as a college basketball analyst for the past couple years after he resigned in the middle of the 2008-2009 season at the University of Alabama. In his 10.5 seasons with the Tide, he only had one losing season and made the NCAA tournament 5 times (going as far as the Elite 8 in 2004).

This certainly isn’t the sexy pick that most State fans probably wanted. But he has experience and is a winner. He isn’t going to be overwhelmed by the position and the rivalries with big boys Duke and UNC (*cough Sidney Lowe). I don’t know. I think they might be getting a consistent winner who gets them into a position where they are competing for post-season births every year. Yet that was essentially what Herb Sendek did and they got fed up with him…so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see (might be too much to ask from Wolfpack fans).

Mark Gottfried...14th choice?



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3 responses to “NC State hires Gottfried… fans searching for Debbie Yow’s home

  1. Agreed, it isn’t gonna cause a lot of noise but can get them into some tournaments, maybe consistently. Always gonna be third wheel down there (or fourth, depending on wake) and Shaka may be able to strike into some of their recruiting now. The coaching turnover in the acc over the past couple years is crazy… 7 new coaches in 2 years, right?\creedthoughts

  2. Yes it is unreal but I think for the better for the ACC. Some of those coaches were really slacking (Hewitt, Lowe, Gaudio). Intrigued by who Miami hires.

  3. mays1850

    This is a pretty good hire, I think. They need some experience and stability in that position. Obviously, NC State fans need to get a little more realistic with their expectations. Looking back on it, replacing Herb Sendek with Sidney Lowe was pretty indefensible even before you look at the results. The guy had no college coaching experience, and all he did was lose in the couple opportunities he received at the NBA-level. I don’t even understand why he got those. And then, shocker, all he did was lose at NC State.

    If Lowe gets another head coaching job anywhere, I’m putting $100 on whoever is playing him every game.

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