The U- Will they have the swagger to get Frank?

The University of Miami, better known as “The U”, is in a position to change the reputation of their basketball program and rid the label of just a “football” school by hiring Miami-native and current Kansas State basketball coach Frank Martin. And according to CBS Sports’s Gary Parrish and his sources:

He’d walk on walk on coals to get there. That’s his home.

Can I please come back to South Beach?

Frank Martin is an excellent basketball coach. He has been to 3 out of the past 4 NCAA tournaments (including an Elite 8 run in 2010) at a non-traditional basketball school playing in a tough conference.  He’s known to have strong ties to the southern Florida basketball circuit. He’s a tireless recruiter known for having a very strong work ethic. His intensity is well-known amongst college basketball fans (do you know anyone who would want to get in a stare down with him?) Why would Miami not get a coach like this when he’s practically asking them for the job? Especially after they were given a gift by the basketball gods when Frank Haith left?

Because they would need to immensely improve their basketball facilities and increase their budget for coaching salaries. And let’s say it is about the dollars and the cents (anyone who follows college athletics knows that’s what the NCAA cares about!). There are only two sports generally that consistently bring in money for schools’ respective athletic programs: football and men’s basketball. The Hurricanes have football covered. Basketball? Ehh…not so much.

So what should “The U” do? Simple. Hire Frank Martin. It will pay dividends. And as the saying goes, “You’ve got to spend money to make money.”


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