Daily Dagger – 04/11

Walker Lifts UConn!

Hello everyone, welcome to the first of many Daily Daggers.  Everyday, I will be writing about a shot, a play, or just simply anything  I find as a “dagger.”

Today’s Daily Dagger took place in the 2011 Big East Tournament’s Quarter Final matchup between the no.19 Connecticut Huskies and no. 3 Pittsburgh Panthers.  With Pittsburgh taking down the regular season crown, they came into this match up as favorites and the number 1 seed of the Big East.  Connecticut, up and down most of the season, really needed another signature victory to get them some momentum for the NCAAs.

Although stars Jeremy Lamb (17 points) and Alex Oriachi (13 points), both had very solid games for the Huskies , this was still-AS ALWAYS-the Kemba Walker show.  Kemba, one of the nation’s leading scorer and most dominant players in the country, took matters into his own hands.  After a missed shot with 40 seconds left in the game, Connecticut called a timeout and set up what was, I feel, the  best play of the Big East Tournament and one of the best shots made this year.  With the game tied at 74, Kemba  knew he had to make a play.  With time running out on the clock, Kemba dribbled the ball down to the last second, crossed up Pittsburgh’s best defender Gary McGhee, and drilled a step back jumper at the top of the key right in the Panther’s eye. After the game Kemba claimed, “I had missed a shot and my teammates told me to just stay aggressive,” he said. “Everybody in the world knew that ball was coming to me. I wanted to take that shot.”

This shot was not only a dagger for Pittsburgh at the time, but a moment for the Huskies that sparked their run all the way to Houston. Nice shot Kemba, what a dagger!


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