Daily Dagger – 4/13

Today’s Daily Dagger took place in the 2003 NCAA Tournament First Round match up between 6-seed and defending National Champions Maryland Terrapins and 11-seed UNC Willmington. Coming out very flat, the Terrapins were in a battle for most of the game and it looked as if Wilmington would pull off the upset. After a timeout with Maryland down 1,  Drew Nicholas ran the length of the court and knocked down one of the most famous shots in tournament and Maryland history. Defeating UNC-Willmington 75-73, the Terps stormed into the locker room following the crazed senior Nicholas. To me this is what March is all about! I love this play and always will. Thanks again Drew.

Note- The clip is over 4 minutes, but he makes the shot within the 1st minute.



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7 responses to “Daily Dagger – 4/13

  1. Phenominal shot. I had UNC-Wilmington in my bracket, but that was a great way to end a game.

  2. mays1850

    The buzzer beater was unreal, but Nicholas’ shot still lives on in NCAA Tourny highlight reels because of what he did afterwards, running off the court. Good memories.

  3. mays1850

    One more thing, how incredible is the shot of Gary right after? I assume he’s screaming about the shot coming before the final buzzer, but just great stuff all around.

  4. theTRUTH

    I doubt we are gonna see any Grant Hill heaves to Christian Laettner in this “Daily Dagger” segment. Considering it was versus Kentucky, was an elite 8 game, and Duke eventually winning the title, i would say that was the ultimate dagger. Not a first round game against UNC-WILMINGTON, a team MD shouldve smacked, in addition to the fact they lost two games later. If i were a maryland fan, i would be pissed that we had to depend on a Drew Nicholas incredible shot to beat UNCW.

    • delair62

      If I were a duke fan, I’d also be mad because this entire season was a waste due to coach Ks stupidity of altering the lineup. They were rolling until Irving started playing again. Very talented player, but don’t fix something if it ain’t broke! And also, I’ll never be pissed w any tournament win or any way it is to be done. A wins a win, Arizona knows that!

      • theTRUTH

        You probably do get pissed about not even making a tournament appearance though, right? I would never call a 32 win, acc winning, sweet sixteen appearing season a “waste”, especially coming in as the defending champs. Duke always has a target on their back, and always gets the opposing teams’ A game. It wasn’t a surprise that a probably underrated Arizona team beat Duke; they were the better team that game. And do you think Coach K is regretting changing the game plan to fit around Kyrie?
        I doubt it. Kyrie had a great game against Arizona (28pts 9-15 from the field, 8-9 FT). When Nolan Smith plays like he did, and everybody not named Singler/Irving doesn’t show up, Duke became a very beatable team. I do not think Kyries presence was the problem either, because he didn’t play selfishly. He definitely dished it out a bunch of times resulting in a missed Ryan Kelly shot or a missed Plumlee dunk.

  5. Don’t worry, the “Daily Dagger” will not be featuring the best of Maryland moments. We’ll control Del on that. And that shot will make it at some point. Verne’s call is to good not to have it included.

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