Days of declarations

It’s been a busy couple of days of underclassmen declaring for the NBA draft. Let’s get you caught up:

  • Final Four veteran and Butler star Shelvin Mack has declared for the NBA Draft but will not hire an agent. Mack has good NBA size and is a proven shooter but will need to show scouts he can run the point because he’d otherwise be an undersized 2 (see NBA D-League). Unless he wows at workouts, he should return.
  • Miami center Reggie Johnson has also declared. He is a BIG, BIG man. OTher than that…not so much. He didn’t dominate the ACC like many thought he could. No reason for him to go. For a Miami perspective, click here.
  • ACC Defensive Player of the Year Chris Singleton has declared (after FSU announced it before he could, stay classy Seminoles) and will hire an agent. Singleton was playing at an incredibly high level before breaking his foot in the middle of ACC play. He has phenomenal size, athletic ability, and defensive skills. Although not totally inept on offense, he tends to be a little bit of a streaky shooter and just an average finisher. We’ll have more on Singleton in our next ACC Pro-or-No.
  • In what was a pretty surprising announcement, UCLA point guard Malcolm Lee declared as well and will hire an agent even after Bruins’ coach Ben Howland advised him not to. Lee is projected toat best go in the 2nd round, but more likely undrafted. Add to the fact that he is coming off a knee-surgery and you have to think he made a HUGE mistake.
  • Finally, Derrick Williams announced today that he is entering and hiring an agent. We’ll preview him tomorrow in our Pac-10 preview, so in the mean time just sit back and enjoy….(NBA Dunk Champ in 2012? 2013? Both?)

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  1. Mgib4

    Has anyone from Miami ever left early and had a successful career? or left early at that? or been drafted?

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