End of Week Quick Links…

  • ESPN’s Dana O’Neil examines the changing outlook of many coaches at mid-major programs who have had success. She highlights Brad Stevens (Butler), Shaka Smart (VCU), and Chris Mooney (Richmond) and their decisions to stay at their respective programs. Very interesting read, and it touches on something we’ve been preaching here at EMSBM. The most interesting tidbit, I thought, was the fact that former Butler head coach Todd Lickliter was named Coach of the Year at Butler in ’07, parlayed that into a “bigger” job at Iowa, and by 2010 was fired. If it ain’t broke…
  • Kansas’ Josh Selby and San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard are the latest to declare for the draft with no intention of returning to school. Both will be profiled in Pro or No and I’d say neither is the biggest surprise. Selby had a tumultuous freshman campaign with the Jayhawks, though, and with a lockout looming there seemed to at least be a chance that he return.
  • Sports Illustrated’s Luke Winn takes a deeper look at the Butler-UConn National Title game. Was it bad Butler offense or great Husky defense? Winn’s answer might surprise you. And there are graphs and pictures for our readers who have slightly questionable attention spans.
  • This is just a quick-hitter about Jimmer Fredette’s unbelievable popularity in Provo right now. The kid can’t even go to class! Stay tuned for his profile on Pro or No as well.

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