Draft Deadline Officially Moved Up

We saw this coming, but it’s finally official. The NCAA has moved up the deadline for players to decide whether or not they will formally enter the NBA Draft. The deadline, which now sits at May 8, will move up to the first day of the spring signing period–sometime in mid-April.

Once, again, I would ask the NCAA this: why are we changing things that don’t need changing? It seems like they are tinkering with things just for the sake of tinkering. Does moving the draft declaration up two to three weeks really help coaches enough to make it worth the hardship it is now going to put on players?

Here is what Matt Howard had to say in the ESPN report:

“For players, I just don’t see how that helps them a whole lot. It almost makes it pointless to put your name out and not sign with an agent.” (ESPN)

The argument is that this deadline change allows coaches to know if they need to replace someone or not in the spring signing period. OK, I can see that. But, again, what is the cost? Basically, the message from the NCAA is that they don’t mind rushing what could possibly the biggest decision of these kids’ lives in order to make it a little more convenient for coaches to recruit.

Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

My advice for the NCAA would be this: at least pretend that you give a $&% about the players. I know, I know, it’s a business, but wasn’t there a time where fans could at least talk themselves into thinking that major college athletics had the best interest of the kids playing the game at heart? Even if it was just lip service, it was something. Does the NCAA really have to shove it in our faces now that they couldn’t care less what happens to any of these kids once they’re done suiting up in their school colors?

More money, more problems…


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