Quick Links: Maryland Edition

Maryland jumped into a couple interesting headlines today. Some good news. Some bad.

  • Let’s start with the good news: it seems like there might be a good reason to hope for a renewal of the Georgetown-Maryland rivalry. The article covers most of the history, this is huge for the beltway area. There is simply no reason these teams should not play every year. I think a big reason is that Georgetown doesn’t play on their own campus. There has been a rumor that the game hasn’t been scheduled for so long because of issues with what would constitute a home game. Think about it. Georgetown plays in the Verizon Center, an NBA arena, where Maryland fans are going to be able to be a presence.  Whatever the reason, it’s a game that could be a nationally televised most years, so there should be some financial incentive as well, and one that makes too much sense not to play.
  • Now…the bad news for Maryland fans. First-Team All-ACC performer Jordan Williams is officially not going to be on the team next year, as he has hired an agent and is staying in the NBA Draft. The Maryland blogger seems to argue that this year gives him a better chance to go in the first round than next, and, but I’m not sure if I agree with that. I see the logic that with some key players staying in school this year, he would presumably move up the boards. But, I truly think Williams could be a lottery pick next year if he stayed in school. Reports are that Williams is already shedding some weight in workouts and is starting to get more attention from scouts, but imagine what kind of player he could be in the ACC next year with that same work ethic over the summer. I truly think that Williams is maybe ten pounds away from absolutely dominating the college game. And with the surefire lockout coming up? Jordan flew under the radar this year. Next year, he wouldn’t.

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  1. Maryland and Georgetown should be an annual event. Or make it a 4-team tournament with 2 other local programs every year and hold it at Verizon with even ticket distribution.

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