Thursday’s Twithitters: Draft Deadline Decisions

Second edition of Twithitters where we’ll be looking at the best and worst NBA draft deadline decisions. Short and sweet thoughts from our writers all Twitter-style.




Jackson's athleticism could see him shoot up Draft boards come June.

  1. Tristan Thompson, Texas – With Jared Sullinger and the Carolina front court staying put, Thompson’s potential and athleticism will likely make him a lottery pick. Tough to question that decision.
  2. Reggie Jackson, Boston College – Pains me to say this, but Reggie made the right decision. Major roster turnover and a weak draft could make RJ a lottery pick. Can’t argue that he should have stayed.
  3. Tu Holloway, XavierAnother year at Xavier will not only make Chris Mack happy, but also allow Tu to show scouts that he can be an effective floor general for two straight seasons and that last year was no fluke.
  1. Perry Jones, Baylor – Jones would have been a top-five pick, if not better, but he knew his game wasn’t ready for the next level quite yet. Yes, he risks injury next year, but barring that, if he puts in the work he will seriously be considered for the first overall pick next draft.
  2. Alec Burks, Colorado – Nothing but production his first two years at Colorado, and Burks stock probably isn’t going to get too much higher than where it is right now. It’s not like he’s going to have much to come back to next season. Good choice.
  3. The Morris Twins, Kansas – Marcus and Markieff established themselves nationally this year, and, short of winning a championship, they accomplished about as much as they could have wanted to at Kansas. Their only challenge now is adjusting to probably not playing together at the next level.

    Could Terrence Jones decision to stay in school ultimately backfire?

  1. Brandon Knight, Kentucky –The freshman point guard lit it up in the tournament and solidified his stock as a Top-10 player. Staying at Kentucky may have only opened up more criticism and with a weak draft class as it is, bolting for the league was his best move.
  2. Terrence Jones, Kentucky – From one Wildcat to another. With the impending lockout and seriously raw talent, Jones made the right decision in staying another year in Lawrence. With a dominant season in the post and some signs of maturity we could be talking about the #1 overall pick in 2012.
  3. Klay Thompson, Washington State – Thompson’s stock is as high as it ever may be and staying another year may just expose more holes in his game. The lengthy guard has lots of potential and could sneak his way into the lottery with some solid workouts.



  1. Carleton Scott, Notre Dame – He realizes you should at least be an NBA prospect to declare for the NBA draft, right? Have fun in Europe, if that.
  2. Cory Joseph, Texas – Joseph stays and he can prove to NBA scouts that he can be “the man” and run a team as a true point guard as opposed to a scoring tweener. Now he’ll likely go 2nd round and not get that guaranteed contract.
  3. Terrence Jones, Kentucky – Next year’s draft is going to be loaded and will probably knock TJ out of the lottery. And he’s breaking the Calipari Code – play one year and get the hell out of here.


  1. Josh Selby, Kansas – Selby would have been drafted higher had he been allowed to come out of high school. He had a rough year at Kansas, both on and off the court, but this decision seems rushed. He has the talent to be a lottery pick, but he won’t be this year.

    Selby's lone season in Lawrence is one he hopes to forget.

  2. Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA – An underrated player that would have had a chance to shine on a good UCLA team next season. It’s more than likely that he’s going to be a second round pick, whereas if he had been  more patient I think he would have been a first rounder next year.
  3. Shelvin Mack, Butler – If anything, Mack probably should have come out last year. This year’s regular season was largely a disappointing one for him. Butler as a team might have nothing more to prove, but Mack should. He’s unlikely to be a first round pick, and with a big season next year maybe he could’ve snuck in.


  1. DeAndre Liggins, Kentucky – A defensive wiz and efficient shooter from deep, Liggins could be seen as a viable option for some NBA teams. It’s the lack of handle and streaky scoring that may see him go undrafted entirely.
  2. Isiah Thomas, Washington – Unless the Pistons pick him up as the second coming of Isiah I, then let’s just chalk this up to poor decision making.
  3. Darius Morris, Michigan – I don’t dislike this move as much as the others because there is still a shot Morris goes in the First Round. But by turning pro now, Morris is not only throwing away the chance at a Final Four but also arguably Millions of dollars and a likely Top-10 selection next year.

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