Thursday’s Twithitters: Early NBA Prospect Thoughts

Thursday’s Twithitters has arrived and we’re talking NBA prospects for these former college stars (and a dude from the Congo). Mock drafts are all around here, here, and here. All of them seem to agree with our lottery sweepstakes projection with Kyrie going number one to Cleveland. Yay us!

But we also looked at some of their mock drafts and decided who we thought were the most underrated and overrated prospects in this year’s draft. We start with the guys we think are undervalued…

Most Underrated Prospects:


  1. Reggie Jackson, Boston College – Yes, I am a homer. Jackson’s freakish 7-foot wingspan and ability to get to the rim are not being valued enough. His outside shot improved every season at BC and he’s got a good feel for the game. He’s only going to get better at the point. Some team’s going to luck into a great player late first round.
  2. Keith Benson, Oakland – Why is Benson not getting more love? Are guys like Kenneth Faried that much better? He’s got NBA size and athleticism and has some good inside skills. He could be better than both Morris twins.
  3. Isiah Thomas, Washington – Everyone is pointing out his lack of size. We get it. But look at J.J. Barera and his contributions in the NBA playoffs. Thomas’s lightning fast quickness and ability to get in the lane will make him a great bench player for many years in the league. And of course he’s COLD BLOODED!


  1. Tobias Harris, Tennessee– Harris is solid in all aspects of the game and has great basketball IQ. His play during his freshman year wasovershadowed by the chaos of Tennessee’s program because of the Bruce Pearl circus that unfolded throughout the year. He probably won’t be picked until the later first round, if not the second, but can really be a legitimate starter in the league.

    Is Faried one of the safest selections in this years draft?

  2. Kenneth Faried, Morehead State– Faried got his name out thereby leading Morehead State to a first-round upset of Louisville this past tournament but still isn’t a household name. He is built like a brick house and might be the best rebounder in the draft. He likely won’t go until the later lottery but could be the perfect complimentary player for a potential contender. Think Joakim Noah.
  3. Jordan Hamilton, Texas – Hamilton has great size and athleticism, and he is one of the most versatile scorers in the entire draft. Yet, you don’t hear his name too often when it comes to lottery picks. I see him as a bonafide starter and potentially a great number two option offensively.


  1. Kenneth Faried, Morehead State – NCAA’s All-Time leading rebounder, of course I’ll take him. His game reminds me a lot of Ben Wallace. A tad undersized and still developing offensively, but in today’s game how often do you find a guy who puts defense and rebounding ahead of all else?
  2. Chris Singleton, Florida State – Defense is becoming even more of a fad than the 3-pointer in the NBA and Singleton brings it better than anyone in this draft. At 6’9 and 225 and with elite athleticism he could effectively guard each of the Heat’s Big 3 at different points in a game. Give his offense some time but at the very least you’re getting a great wing defender for years to come.
  3. Josh Selby, Kansas – He had his struggle while in Lawrence, but the upside is too good to overlook. A bad year doesn’t necessarily mean a bad career. If you need any further proof, see: Brandon Jennings. Sure, there is a lot of risk in the pick, but with terrific guard fundamentals and a developing shot how could someone rightly pass him up in the 20’s.

Most Overrated Prospects:


  1. Morris Twins, Kansas – Maybe I am still remembering the lack of poise both twins showed in their tourney loss to VCU, but I don’t think

    I hope they play better than they look...

    these two are worthy of lottery picks. They seem destined to be backup power forwards who are fourth man off the bench. Not lottery material (that might be why this draft is so weak).

  2. Bismack Biyombo, Congo – He’s from the Congo. So is Serge Ibaka. Does that mean he’s going to come in and be the same energy, impact defensive player that Ibaka is? Maybe. Does that mean he should go in the top 6 picks? Ehh, I dunno about that.
  3. Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech – Never been that impressed with the former McDonald’s All-American. He shows flashes but is very inconsistent. Maybe that’s because he was coached by a moron Paul Hewitt but only time will tell.


  1. Josh Selby, Kansas – The idea that Selby still might sneak into the lottery is beyond me. They say that Kansas’ system didn’t fit his style of play, but last time I checked he was the one who chose to go there. And, if you’re drafting a guy with a lottery pick who can’t adapt to different systems, good luck.
  2. Marshon Brooks, Providence – Brooks is getting more and more love as a first round pick, but he makes me nervous. Yes, his scoring numbers were ridiculous at Providence, but they were a bad team, and “bad” might be an understatement. Brooks strikes me as a shooting machine who doesn’t bring a lot else to the table. (And before the Fredette comparisons start, Jimmer got his team Ws.) Guess that’s Marshon being Marshon.
  3. Kemba Walker, Connecticut – This might upset some people, but I just don’t know that Kemba is worth a top-ten pick at this point. His intangibles are great, but I get the sense that he just is what he is as a player at this point. I don’t doubt that he will prove me wrong going forward, however.
  1. Reggie Jackson, Boston College – He may be the most physically gifted talent in this entire draft and scouts are going to be droolingwhen they see him in workouts, but athleticism doesn’t always lead to success. Jackson’s got tons of potential and skill but ever after watching him play for 3 years on the heights I’m still underwhelmed. He takes plays off, is streaky from mid-range

    Underated or Overated? Tell us what you think...

    and struggles with turnovers, all things a point guard needs to excel at.

  2. Klay Thompson, Washington State – Great size and length for a combo guard not to mention a hot shooter from deep. Maybe I didn’t get a long enough look at him throughout the year but it seemed that against top-tier talent he was always overmatched. He may be  a serviceable backup point guard someday but he’ll never be an impact player.
  3. Derrick Williams, Arizona – Don’t get me wrong, he’ll be a good NBA player but he’s not an All-Star talent. Williams will struggle with the transition from the 4 in college to the 3 in the pros. He’s an elite finisher at the rim but needs to work on his jumper and defense on the wing. More similar to a Luol Deng than Zach Randolph.


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4 responses to “Thursday’s Twithitters: Early NBA Prospect Thoughts

  1. Singleton is a good one. In a draft that is labeled as “weak” by most NBA scouts, why not just draft the best defensive player in the draft who can guard the 2, 3, or 4? At least you’ll have a very solid role player because of it.

  2. Creed's Crusade

    Again…. no mention of Courtney Dunn. Did you guys even watch BC basketball the last four years or were were just focused on the sexy Abe Lincoln and Ghandi in the stands? I’d love to see Courtney back home “deep in the heart of Texas” on the Mavs… can you imagine the picks he would set for Dirk?!? And the pivots he would do off Kidd’s passes?!?! Damn boy yippy cayee lets go aaa woo woooo!!! But hey, thats ONLY in the mo’ning.

  3. mays1850

    The thing about Singleton is most draft experts have him in the lottery at this point, which I feel like is a proper rating for a lock-down defender with a lot of work to do on his offensive game. Time will tell.

  4. Calamander Weez

    Giblin wins for pointing out the too often overlooked aspect of Isiah’s game… COLD BLOODED!! No Kemba Walker on Uconn or Uconn doesn’t take the Big East tourney and that shot would be much better remembered. It sure is on the West Coast

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