Thursday’s Twithitters: Best College Hoops Writers

After Linda Gonzalez, former Manhattan and Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez’s older sister, released her Top 10 worst sports writers list on her blog that set off an internet firestorm (which has been since removed but the Rush the Court boys had a very interesting interview with her), the boys here thought we should release our list of BEST national college basketball writers. No need to bad mouth anyone…here’s a list of some of our favorite basketball writers.

Top 3 Writers:


  1. Gary Parrish, CBS – Very entertaining writing that knows everything that’s going on in the world of college basketball. His Weekend Look Aheads and Weekend Look Backs are full of great information, easy reads, and funny. And the guys isn’t afraid to tell it how it is.
  2. Jeff Goodman, FOX Sports  CBS – If there is one person who beats one of the writers from ESPN consistently to break a story,

    Jay Bilas's Twitter = Genius.

    it’s Goodman. Goodman was recently plucked from FOX Sports by CBS – they get a phenomenal writer strengthening their already solidcollege basketball crew.

  3. Jay Bilas, ESPN – Jay Bilas is one of the best. He’s a very opinionated analystbut is very fair in his analysis. But the reason he’s great: his Twitter. Absolutely hilarious. If you aren’t following him, you need to start.


  1. Seth Davis, SI– Davis isn’t gimmicky, but for my money he’s got the most

    No one is better at telling it as it is - isn't that right, NCAA

    knowledge of the combination of the game and the personnelout there. He calls the NCAA out on their BS better than anyone, and he is just the best pure writerout there.

  2. Jay Bilas , ESPN – Bilas is known for his TV persona as much as anything but he can really write as well. He might have the best X’s and O’s knowledge of any of the analysts or writers out there, and as a former player (at Duke no less) he brings a very interesting perspective that not many guys can duplicate.
  3. Andy Katz, ESPN – NOT because he does Obama’s bracket every year. Katz is just a wealth of information and seems to be the first, or one of the first, to break many of the major stories in college hoops. Plus, it seems like he’s got a direct line to every coach in America.


Is Dana O'neill underrated or just under the radar?

  1. Dana O’Neill, ESPN– This may not be the most popular pick and Yes she’s awoman writing about men’s basketball, but Dana knows what she is talking about when it comes to the NCAA. She also does great feature pieces on under the radar guys as well as high school prospects, accurately capturing more than meets the eye. Really underrated!
  2. Fran Fraschilla, ESPN – Some of you non-Insiders might not see much of Fraschilla on the ESPN main page, but the dude has tons of insight on recruiting and is definitely a reliable source when it comes to anything NCAA related.
  3. Seth Davis, SI – Confession: I don’t rely on SI for College Basketball very often, as I’m usually scouring ESPN’s entire site for info and analysis, but Davis does catch me me peeking over now and again. He is a master of breaking down the tourney and always reliable when it comes to breaking news.

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