NBA Mock Draft 1.0

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Memorial Day Weekend slowed us down along with the tornadoes in central Massachusetts last night (very weird). Nevertheless…

With less than 22 days until the NBA draft, we throwing up our first mock draft. This one will be quick on the analysis and we’ll go more in depth in the coming weeks. Disagree with any of our picks and think we’re idiots? Tell us.

Irving is the consensus #1 by the experts, but after him this year's Draft is really a crapshoot.

  1. Cleveland Cavs – Kyrie Irving, Duke: The Cavalier staff is apparently in love with Irving and sees him as a likely superstar in the league. The Cavs need some star power to not only get buts in the seats but to rebuild after the Debacle; a flashy young point guard, a Chris Paul clone in some ways,seems to be the likely remedy for many of Cleveland’s basketball woes. (Luke)
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves – Derrick Williams, Arizona: David Kahn still runs this team and there are rumors out there that he’s looking to move this pick; but if he can’t find a suitor, he should draft Williams. The former Wildcat is one of the few prospects who has the chance to be an annual All-Star that can carry a team in the playoffs – you can’t pass on that. But David Kahn will. How’s Rick Rubio doing? (Giblin)
  3. Utah Jazz – Brandon Knight, Kentucky: Everyone is touting Knight to the Jazz, which almost makes me nervous making this pick. The Jazz wouldn’t mind moving apparently, but if they stay at 3 they need to address their backcourt, and Knight simply is the best guard available here. Knight is young, but he won’t have to play big minutes immediately with Devin Harris currently in the fold. Or, he might make Harris expendable. (Mayo)
  4. Cleveland Cavs – Enes Kanter, Turkey/Kentucky: They say you need a point guard and center to win in the NBA, well the Cavs filled both of those needs in the first 4 picks. The year away may hurt Kanter, but his potential is through the ceiling. Dan Gilbert would be stupid to not take the Turk here. (Luke)
  5. Toronto Raptors – Kemba Walker, Connecticut: If Bryan Colangelo picks another European, the Raptor faithful are gonna lose it! But in all seriousness, Toronto needs some star power and Walker has it. He’ll be an instant fan favorite and will bring some excitement to a franchise that hasn’t had it since the Tracy McGrady/Vince Carter days. (Giblin)
  6. Washington Wizards – Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State: The Wizards have plenty of needs, and an athletic, hard-nosed swing man would certainly be one of them. They might try to trade up to snag Derrick Williams or possibly Enes Kanter, but if they are unable to do so they’d be pretty happy snagging Kawhi Leonard at number six. Their track record with drafting European players hopefullypossibly scares them away from the overseas prospects here. (Mayo)

    The Czech forward is drwaing a lot of comparisons to Dirk, but will Vesley's game translate over to the NBA as well?

  7. Sacramento Kings – Jan Vesely, Czech Republic: At 6’11”, 240, the Czech forward has the size of an impact forward in the league. Agood jump shooter and great finisher at the rim, he possesses the look and skills to be a Dirk clone.  Give him a few years to learn and slap some muscle on him, Vesely could be a steal at this point in the Draft. (Luke)
  8. Detroit Pistons – Bismack Biyombo, Congo: Joe Dumars can bring in Biyombo to be the energetic shot-blocking forward that the Pistons need. The next Ben Wallace who can’t possibly be as abysmal on offense. Let’s hope. (Giblin)
  9. Charlotte Bobcats – Jonas Valanciunas,  Lithuania: The Bobcats need everything, and Valanciunas may not be available for a year, but they should have the time to wait given their rebuilding status. Valanciunas could very well become the best international player in this draft. At 19 years old his upside is huge, and he could become a premiere center in this league in five years with the right development. (Mayo)
  10. Milwaukee Bucks – Tristan Thompson, Texas: Larry Sanders was a solid pick last year but the Bucks are still in need of a stud at the 4. Thompson is a terrific rebounder and a versatile offensive player, with a developing jumper. There are tons to like and not much to hate about Thompson, so there’s not as much risk as with some other players on the board. (Luke)
  11. Golden State Warriors – Chris Singleton, Florida State: Golden State hasn’t played perimeter defense in a couple of decades so they pick the best perimeter defender in the draft. They have other needs but this would be such a smart way to lead the direction towards a ideological change to at least some defense. (Giblin)
  12. Utah Jazz – Alec Burks, ColoradoThe Jazz continue to re-tool their backcourt with this pick, as shooting guard might actually be their number one need right now. Burks is hyper-athletic, has a lot of upside, and he really produced at Colorado and should have gotten a chance to put his skills on display in the tournament. Impressive when you think of how little he had around him. A future core group of Brandon Knight, Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Al Jefferson is definitely a group you can build around. (Mayo)
  13. Phoenix Suns – Marcus Morris, Kansas: The Suns are in dire need of some frontcourt help and a big body like Morris could be just what Alvin Gentry needs to help solidify his defense. Shooting-guard is a definite need but with Burks off the board, going big seems to be their best option. (Luke)
  14. Houston Rockets – Donatas Motiejunas, Lithuania : The Rockets may not have been a playoff team last year, but they were still were four games over .500. Houston takes a chance on the talented European hoping that they buyout won’t be an issue. (Giblin)

    Everyone loves the Jimmer, especially Doug Collins after this pick...

  15. Indiana Pacers – Jordan Hamilton, Texas – Hamilton is one of the five best pure scorers in this draft, period. The Pacers need more offensive playmakers. Danny Granger’s name has been in some trade rumors and regardless of whether they are true, Hamilton represents a long-term replacement. Pairing Hamilton with Paul George on the wings give Indiana a lot of versatility in the future. (Mayo)
  16. Philadelphia 76ers – Jimmer Fredette, BYU: The Jimmer may have to wait in the green room for a while but a chance to play alongside Jrue Holiday and Iguodala should be well worth the wait. Should be a much-needed three-point threat for Doug Collins in Philly.(Luke)
  17. New York Knicks – Markieff Morris, Kansas : The Knicks aren’t going to try and find any superstars here, rather contributors who can improve their bench and complement Amare and Carmelo. Markieff fits as an instant upgrade over Ronny Turiaff in the front court rotation. Don’t expect Morris to average a double-double or anything, but he’ll provide valuable minutes coming off the bench. (Giblin)
  18. Washington Wizards – Klay Thompson, Washington St.: Thompson has been a point guard to date, but at 6’7″ with his shooting ability he is destined to play the two-spot in the NBA. He isn’t a spectacular athlete but should be quick enough to guard other shooting guards. The Wizards. (Mayo)
  19. Charlotte Bobcats – Tobias Harris, Tennessee: Tyrus Thomas is developing into a very good big man in the post, but with Kwame Brown holding down the center spot and not much in the likes of reserves up front, Harris seems like a solid choice here. Big, athletic and he can shoot, give Harris a few years and you may hear him in the all-star conversation. (Luke)
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves – Reggie Jackson,

    Even with Ricky Rubio on board, Will David Kahn take another PG to fill out his roster?

    Boston College: It’s pretty clear that Kahn wanted Kyrie Irving and must either really believe in Michael Beasley (shudder) or think that DWILL is a bust waiting to happen. Either way, he addresses his PG situation here and takes the high-flying Jackson. Jackson would probably be better suited going to a contender and spelling off the bench, but he will have to learn on the fly for the rebuilding T-Wolves. (Giblin)

  21. Portland Trail Blazers – Josh Selby, Kansas: I didn’t like Selby’s decision to come out but he still represents good value if he falls this far. The Blazers need a replacement for Andre Miller in a couple of years and getting Selby now would allow them to develop him before throwing him into the fire. Selby’s talent is unquestioned. (Mayo)
  22. Denver Nuggets – Marshon Brooks, Providence: With J.R. Smith likely headed out of the Mile High city, the Nuggets could use a scorer to replace Smith’s instant offense. Brooks lit up the stat sheet in college, averaging 25 ppg and scoring 25+ points 18 times in 32 games during the 2010-11 season. Taking Brooks here is a risk, but one Denver needs to take if they want to get back into the championship picture. (Luke)
  23. Houston Rockets – Kenneth Faried, Morehead State: If Faried falls this far, new coach Kevin McHale steps in and makes his voice heard. “You wanted draft one of those Europeans early? Fine. But give me the best rebounder in the draft. He’ll be playing that’s for sure.” And he will. (Giblin)
  24. Oklahoma City Thunder – Nikola Vucevic, USC: The Thunder could go any number of ways here, but Vucevic’s good combine performance definitely makes him a strong possibility. Who knows what Kendrick Perkins will be going forward, and Nazr Mohommed is a decent backup but probably is at his ceiling in that role. If they can ever get a consistent scoring threat in the post, look out. (Mayo)

    Will Celtics GM Danny Ainge make another splash on draft night?

  25. Boston Celtics – Justin Harper, Richmond: With Faried and Vucevic off theboard already, the Celtics look to Harper  youth to their frontcourt. Long and versatile, Harper can hit treys and finish at the rim, but in order to break the C’s lineup he’ll have to improve his rebounding in the league. (Luke)
  26. Dallas Mavericks – Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA: Have you seen Peja run in these playoffs? He looks like he’s has no kneecaps. Time for Mark Cuban to try and revamp his wings. Honeycutt has some potential and won’t be counted on to early in his career. (Giblin)
  27. New Jersey Nets – Jordan Williams, Maryland: After trading away Derrick Favors, they Nets have front court needs even with Brooke Lopez in the fold. Williams has work to do regarding conditioning, but he is probably the best post traditional low-post scorer in the draft. The Nets aren’t going to the playoffs next year, and if they take the time to develop him physically, this could be a late steal. (Mayo)
  28. Chicago Bulls – Travis Leslie, Georgia: The Bulls struggled to find a legitimate 2-guard all season and it finally showed against Miami in the Eastern Finals. Leslie is a good defender and one of the most athletically talented players in the draft. If he improves his outside jumper, Leslie might just be the piece Chicago needs to get past the Heat. (Luke)
  29. San Antonio Spurs – JuJuan Johnson, Purdue: The Spurs front court is getting up there in age (Duncan, McDyess, Bonner) and could use some more energy to go with DeJuan Blair. Bring in the Boilermaker who was one of the most productive players in the country last year. He has a solid offensive game and some shot blocking ability. The only concern is his lack of bulk, but some time with a strength coach could help with that. (Giblin)
  30. Chicago Bulls  – Nikola Mirotic, Serbia: ESPN’s Chad Ford cites that many scouts believe that Mirotic might have lottery talent; however, his contract buyout situation is sticky. The Bulls can afford to take a guy that might not come over for two or three years if they truly believe he can become a starter. Luol Deng might be on his way out in a few years, and Mirotic could arrive just in time to replace him. (Mayo)

So there you have it. Our first version of the first round in our NBA mock draft. For more coverage of the draft, be sure to check out the DraftExpress. Really great stuff.

Let us know what you think and be on the lookout for our first interactive mock draft in the coming weeks.



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7 responses to “NBA Mock Draft 1.0

  1. Disgruntled Gentleman

    Vesley could be a steal for the Kings at #7. With a new owner group, maybe someone energetic and/or Cuban-esque we could be looking at the Mavs 2.0

  2. Tuan

    Where to start? A Chris Paul clone? Nah. Love the Leonard pick for the Wiz, although it wont happen. Of course Giblin writes about Reggie Jackson. Marshon Brooks has a chance to be best player in the draft. The number 1 pick in the 2012 draft will be Otto Porter!

    • 1) He said CP3 clone in some ways, obviously not saying he’s going to come in and play like Paul from day 1.

      2) Why won’t the Wiz take Kawhi? Grunfield needs to win ASAP or he might be out the door. Would he gamble on a Euro who might not even come overseas? I don’t get why you think he’s out of the question.

      3) I wrote that the T-Wolves would take Reggie before Rubio announced he’s coming over. I’d change it to probably Brooks or Faried now. Nevertheless, Jackson will still probably be towards the end of the first round.

  3. Creed's Crusade

    Carter “Frat Boy” Cook out of SC Upstate is a top 3 pick next year, mark my words.


      Don’t know what kind of player “Frat Boy” is, but he has great taste. Lil Wayne, Will Ferrell, chicken nuggets. The guy knows whats up.

  4. Keith

    Excellent mock draft. Truly one of the best I’ve seen. I think you have a great chance of nailing many of the picks, but it’s a wide open draft. Nice stuff.

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