Source: BU’s Chambers likely to become Penn St. coach

After nearly a two week search for their next head coach, Penn State seems to have found their man.

Jeff Goodman from CBS Sports reported early Thursday night that Penn St was in heavy pursuit of Boston University head man Patrick Chambers. The acclaimed college basketball writer also noted that no formal offer has yet been received by Chambers.

Could this be an omen of things to come in Happy Valley?

This hire could be a huge move for Chambers as he would jump from the America East conference to the Big Ten with a program that is looking towards a bright future.

Although it may be a good chance for Chambers the move seems like more of a push by the Nittany Lions. Chambers has only been a head coach for two years and he doesn’t have much more than last year’s success in the America East and tournament appearance to work off.

The positives that most people may overlook are that Chambers is a homegrown Pennsylvanian with a track record for success in the state. He played point-guard at Philladelphia University in the early 90’s and after spending three years as an assistant there took a job on Jay Wright’s staff at Villanova.

Chambers was one of the head recruiters during his tenure at Villanova and helped Wright make his way to the NCAA tournament, including the 2009 Final Four, in each of the six seasons he served as an assistant.

Moving up the ranks pretty quickly, Chambers is 42-28 in his 2 season at BU with a conference title  and NCAA berth (both 2011) under his belt already.

If, or more likely when, Chambers becomes the head man in Happy Valley look out for him to set out a full court press on talent in the local region. He’s got some great skills at convincing good players to take a chance and could invade on both Wright and Pitt’s Jamie Dixon’s recruiting territory.

This could be a very good hire for Penn State AD Tim Curley and the Nittany Lion staff, especially if Chambers is able to re-establish his recruiting prowess down the east coast.



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2 responses to “Source: BU’s Chambers likely to become Penn St. coach


    You’re right. It’s all about recruiting. Penn State has never been able to recruit top talent, which is puzzling considering its popularity from Philly to Pittsburgh. Penn State has always been considered a football school, and its closest significant recruiting area, Pittsburgh, is a football city. Chambers’s connections with Philadephia should help him, but it’s going to be a long process for anyone going to Happy Valley. He’s got to reverse a trend of failures, which is tough. Speaking of failing, the Heat are back to choking. Yes sir.

  2. Skywalker

    First off, I love that the Mavs came back and that the Heat choked, what’s better than a Miami collapse?
    As for the actual content, recruiting will be huge and if Chambers is able to work the same magic he had at Villanova he should be able to snag a recruit or two every now and again from Wright/Dixon. But, if he falters on the trail we could see this job back open in 3 years.

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