NBA Mock Draft 2.0

Round two of our mock NBA Draft comes with the NBA less than ten days until the June 23rd draft. We changed the draft order up a bit and added Dalton to the mix. And to the shock of no one, it looks completely different than our first go at it.

After the first two picks, the Luke thinks the Jazz go big and the ripple effect changes everything after…Cavs up first with Giblin making the pick…

  1. Cleveland Cavs – Kyrie Irving, Duke: Dalton explained why he likes Kemba over Kyrie because of experience and production, but he forgot that NBA G.M.s don’t draft based off of your collegiate performances. Kyrie has the skills to be an elite point guard in the league. As talented as Derrick Williams is, Dan Gilbert and the Cavs get their floor general of the future. (Giblin)
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves – Derrick Williams, Arizona: This pick is a no-brainer. Although the Timberwolves seem to only have SFs and PFs (William’s natural positions), Williams is one of the precious few blue chip prospects in the draft. He’s a poor man’s Blake Griffin but, in this draft, that warrants immediate consideration at number two. They could also go PG here, but David Kahn wouldn’t dare try to bring in another first round PG after the Timberwolves have basically said it is a done deal Ricky Rubio is coming over. (Dalton)
  3. Utah Jazz –Enes Kanter, Turkey:  Kanter has been a hot name among Scouts and GM’s over the past few weeks and even with a logjam in the middle for the Jazz, Kanter’s potential is too good to pass up.  A year or two behind Big Al and Milsap and the Kanter/Favors combo could be a force to be reckoned with. (Luke)

    The Turks got some ups, but is it enough to get the Jazz attention at #3?

  4. Cleveland Cavs – Jan Vesely, Czech Republic: With Kanter off the board, the Cavs have to shuffle a bit, but Vesely is widely considered a top-5 pick and would give Cleveland a versatile wing with size to pair with Kyrie Irving in the rebuilding project. If there was any issue with Vesely’s buyout with his European team, the Cavs should be able to wait a year or two given that this team is very likely not going to be contending for a playoff spot for at least a few years. (Mayo)
  5. Toronto Raptors – Brandon Knight, Kentucky: Many people feel Toronto G.M. Bryan Colangelo wants to go international for this pick; but if Brandon Knight falls out of the first four picks, he won’t hesitate grabbing the gifted Wildcat. He’ll replace Jose Calderon in no time giving Raptors fans a legitimate one in a growing point-guard dominate league.  (Giblin)
  6. Washington Wizards – Kawhi Leonard, San Diego State: Leonard has been falling in many mock drafts, but he shouldn’t be. Leonard is extremely athletic and has the ability to be a Bruce Bowen like defender. I don’t want to continue to disparage this draft, but this year that warrants top ten considerations. Leonard will give the Wizards a tough, defensive presence that they have not had since Deshawn Stevenson left. The Wizards should focus on defense this year then get offensive firepower next year in a loaded 2012 draft. (Dalton)
  7. Sacramento Kings – Jonas Valanciunas, Lithuania: Kemba seems to be the popular pick here, but with Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih and a rising stud in Marcus Thornton all playing a combo-guard role already, taking a big here would be beneficial. Not to mention, the 6-10 Lithuanian teamed with 2010 #1, Demarcus Cousins, in the middle, should help the Kings add to the win column and fast.  (Luke)
  8. Detroit Pistons – Tristan Thompson, TexasThompson provides some toughness and versatility for the Pistons to pair with Greg Monroe in the front court. Thompson can add a low-post scoring threat that Monroe doesn’t quite bring on a consistent basis, and the two could do some great things together. (Mayo)
  9. Charlotte Bobcats – Jordan Hamilton, Texas: The Bobcats need a scoring star for their future. I have heard that Michael Jordan and company have talked about “drafting for doubles instead of home runs.” That doesn’t sound like MJ does it? Bobcats try and find a player that can develop into an elite scorer with improved shot selection. Alec Burks could be the pick here too.  (Giblin)
  10. Milwaukee Bucks – Marcus Morris, Kansas: Morris is a very athletic and skilled big man who should be able to contribute right away. He is not particularly tall, but he is young (doesn’t turn 22 until September), and would give the Bucks a solid front court pairing of Morris and Bogut. (Dalton)
  11. Golden State Warriors – Kemba Walker, Connecticut:  New Warriors head coach, Mark

    With Kemba Walker in tow, Mark Jackson's days of lounging on the couch are through.

    Jackson, is drooling at the though of Walker and Steph Curry running his offense. Also, helps fill a void if and when Monta Ellis is shipped out of town. (Luke)

  12. Utah Jazz – Chris Singleton, Florida State: With Andre Kirilenko probably leaving for good, Singleton just seems to make too much sense as a replacement to pass up. The Jazz definitely have a need at the two-guard, so Alec Burks or Marshon Brooks could be possibilities here, but Singleton provides a unique blend of size, athleticism, and defensive ability that will be hard to pass up. (Mayo)
  13. Phoenix Suns – Bismack Biyombo, Congo: Jimmer would make a lot of sense here, but Biyombo could really help with the Suns interior defense. His offensive game is raw, but Steve Nash will just need him to be able to finish a couple slams around the rim, His defensive energy could be exactly what the Suns need. (Giblin)
  14. Houston Rockets – Jimmer Fredette, BYU : The Rockets are apparently high on Michigan’s Darius Morris, but I think Jimmer should be the pick here. Make no mistake, Jimmer is not JJ Reddick. Fredette is a great passer, a good penetrator, and a fantastic shooter. Furthermore he performed these feats in the Mountain West Conference (the only team better that Morris would have faced in the Big Ten is Ohio State) and through a solid tournament run leading an undermanned BYU team. He also provides the Rockets with a little star power now that Yao Ming is on the way out. (Dalton)
  15. Indiana Pacers –  Josh Selby, Kansas: Darren Collison is a good young point guard, but with questions still lingering, how could you pass up on a potential All-Star? (Luke)
  16. Philadelphia 76ers- Kenneth Faried : The Sixers have some nice pieces around the perimeter–what they don’t have is a banger down low (apologies to Spencer Hawes). Faried could fill a big role and provide some much needed strength and toughness to the low block. (Mayo)
  17. New York Knicks – Klay Thompson, Washington State : The Knicks could use a knock-down shooter to keep opposing defenses from collapsing on Carmelo and Amare. Thompson is exactly that. (Giblin)
  18. Washington Wizards – Davis Bertans, Lativia:Wizards fans, before you boo, hear me out. Yes, Euros tend to flop, and most of you have never seen Bertans play, but he has an elite-NBA caliber skill, shooting, that makes him a must-have for the Wizards to serve in a Kyle Korver role. He is 6’10, great height for a shooter, and only 18, which means you can stick him in Europe for a couple of years. This Wizards rebuilding project is going to take at least three years, they have time to wait. (Dalton)
  19. Charlotte Bobcats – Tobias Harris, Tennessee:  What could be better than an 18-year- old stud learning some touch from a finesse player like Boris Diaw and some strength from Kwame Brown.  Push Tyrus Thomas to the five at some point and there’s a viable cog on the blocks for the next 10 years. (Luke)

    There's risers and fallers in every draft, could Burks be a victim of the latter this year?

  20. Minnesota Timberwolves – Alec Burks, Colorado: If Burks slides this far, David Kahn will be doing back flips. The Wolves desperately a scorer at the 2-guard position and Burks would be tremendous value this late. (Mayo)
  21. Portland Trail Blazers – Marshon Brooks, Providence: I love Brandon Roy and hope he can have repeat performances like this. However, with his injury status always in question, the Trailblazers go with a scoring two guard that at worst would be a great second-quarter, instant offense guy off the bench. (Giblin)
  22. Denver Nuggets – Nolan Smith, Duke :Before I begin, a disclaimer: I hate Dookies, I really do. But I have grown to like and respect Nolan Smith. I think he is going to have a solid career. Now, the Nuggets already have a crowded backcourt, but Nolan gives them depth at the PG and SG spot which, if the NBA finals have taught us anything (except of course, to be careful of taking your talents to South Beach) is essential to winning basketball games. Smith also provides the Nuggets with maturity, something this team can’t use enough of. (Dalton)
  23. Houston Rockets – Charles Jenkins, Hofstra: Seems like a reach for a mid-major players, but the Rockets could use a backup for Kyle Lowry at the point. Jenkins is an established scorer (21 ppg in senior season at Hofstra) and could provide some instant offense for the Rockets from both guard spots on the floor. (Luke)
  24. Oklahoma City Thunder – Reggie Jackson, Boston College:  The Thunder might consider adding depth to their front court with this pick but given their position, there might not be a big man worth adding this late in the first. Instead, they can take the best available player in Reggie Jackson and really strengthen their bench. Eric Maynor is a nice backup point guard, but Jackson provides serious versatility on both ends of the floor, being able to play either guard position. I would be surprised if he is still on the board here, however. (Mayo)
  25. Boston Celtics – Iman Shumpert, Georgia Tech : Know who the Celtics really missed this year? Tony Allen. His athleticism and defense off the bench was incredible. Shumpert has similar freakish quickness and hops. They could make one final run if he can come off the bench and help guard some of the elite wings in the East.(Giblin)
  26. Dallas Mavericks – Kyle Singler, Duke :The second Dookie off the board. Simply put, Peja was a disaster this year and needs to be replaced. Singler’s skill set, tall with great shooting range, is something that that the Mavs could have used in the finals (I know I am nitpicking). It is also something that could extend Nowitzki’s career. Another shooter on the floor means teams have to think twice double teaming. (Dalton)
  27. New Jersey Nets – Darius Morris, Michigan: There’s still plenty of questions about Deron Williams future in Jersey, so Billy King might be best served to invest in an insurance plan. A possible top-10 pick if he had stayed an extra year in Ann Arbor, Morris could be a steal at this point in the draft. (Luke)
  28. Chicago Bulls – Tyler Honeycutt, UCLA: The Bulls simply have to find a two-guard to get to the level they want to get to. This late in the first round, they can afford to take a guy who might take a couple years to develop. Honeycutt doesn’t test off the charts athletically, but he is a solid player without any glaring weaknesses. If he develops the way he can, think of a more offensively skilled Keith Bogans. (Mayo)
  29. San Antonio Spurs – Donatas Montiejunas, Lithuania : I don’t see a scenario where a 7-foot European player with his skills falls this far unless his buyout situation with his current team appears difficult. If he starts falling to the 2nd half of the first round, a team will be willing to gamble on the Lithuanian and might find a gem. (Giblin)
  30. Chicago Bulls: JuJuan Johnson, Purdue :Johnson is a lean, athletic, forward who could thrive with Derek Rose feeding him alley oops. What Chicago really needs is another elite scorer, but they aren’t getting that this late in the draft. Instead, Thibodeau gets another shot blocker for his vaunted defense and hope for the best in free agency. (Dalton)

Like I said earlier, lots of movement from our original mock draft. What do you all think? Do we have someone too high? Too low? Not even here? Let us know.



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4 responses to “NBA Mock Draft 2.0

  1. Really question the Selby pick by Luke. That’s a big gamble for a team that was pushing the Bulls to the limit hard in the first round.

    I’d bet Larry would go with a safer pick.

  2. What about the other Morris twin? You think he’ll drop out of the first round altogether?

  3. Creed's Crusade

    This years draft seems like the most Europeans there have been in years.

    ESPN had a cool story about this Bismack guy who came outta nowhere in the last six months.

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