Every Month Should Be March is a blog all about the greatest sport in the world at the greatest level: college basketball. Tired of listening to the “experts” of the professional world, Mayo and I decided to start discussing NCAA hoops and not suck up to the Coach Calhouns and Caliparis. Picking up talented writers along the way, we’re looking forward to sharing our thoughts on the college basketball world with you and hope that you join the discussion.


Mike – A Boston College fan raised in Maryland, Mike awaits the day the Eagles will finally reach the Final Four. Since he might be senile by then, Mike will live through the George Masons and VCUs of the world and share his thoughts on the game he loves. Every Month Should Be March will be his tool to share these thoughts: readers, you have been warned.

John – A Maryland native who traded in the glory days of high school athletics for a writing gig, previously contributing for The Boston Globe, DCSportsFan.com, and Boston College’s The Heights. Now, it’s full steam ahead with Every Month Should Be March, where we plan on rising faster than Rick Pitino’s legal bills. Stay tuned.

Luke – A Bostonian with a rare addiction to College Sports, Luke enjoys the squeak of a sneaker on the hardwood almost as much as the smell of freshly cut grass on a Saturday. He has been covering ACC basketball since 2008 but has had an admiration for the game since before Bird hung up his laces. Luke would like for Every Month “to be” March, except in New England because it’s too cold.

Conor – Originally from Maryland, and currently living in New York City, Conor is excited to bring his depth of college basketball knowledge to Every Month Should Be March. Despite his convenient location, Conor will not be testing his skills on the courts at Rucker Park. Instead, he hopes to make his contributions to basketball through thoughtful and unique articles here on Every Month Should Be March.

Dalton -Dalton considers himself a diehard college basketball fan whose favorite team is the Georgetown (although he went to Maryland and UNC, yup you read that correctly). As a result, he is incredibly biased in favor of Big East Basketball and against any other conference (particularly the ACC). So expect alot of Big East and Hoya love in the coming months. Anyway, please post any type of comment you want about anything he writes. The bigger the douchebag you call him, the better.

** Special shout-out to Everyday Should be Saturday— who inspired our blog title and we only hope we can do as good a job covering college basketball as they do covering college football.

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