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Shaquille “Shactus” Cleare signs with the Terps

I guess this Turgeon guy can recruit. Shaquille Cleare (class of 2012), a 6’10 285 lb center out of Texas, has committed to the University of Maryland. Cleare, a four-star recruit ranked as the 12th best center in the country by, is a coup for the Terps. Turgeon began to recruit Cleare when he was still coaching at Texas A&M and it was assumed Cleare would stay in-state. Lucky for the Terps, he didn’t. This kid could be a game-changer for a program with only eight kids currently under scholarship. With a 2012 lineup (possibly) of Nick Faust, Terrel Stoglin, P’Shon Howard, and Shaquille Cleare, the Terps could again be a force in the ACC sooner rather than later.


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World War III? Who Cares?! Hoya Paranoia is Back!

It started with a text this morning from my cousin Joe: “Hoyas and Chinese National team. Bench Clearing brawl!”

I am currently at the the Outer Banks so I called my dad who was on the beach to tell him the news.

His response?

“We are back.”

Now I am not advocating brawls and understand that in these tense times, diplomacy is of the utmost importance. So I do not condone the actions of my beloved Hoyas. However, like many other Hoyas fans, I couldn’t help but be a little excited that these Hoyas have some toughness. Getting crushed by Ohio as a #3 seed in the NCAA tournament can do that to you. Or getting run over by Virginia Commonwealth.

Will this lead Georgetown to a National Championship or even a tourney birth? Ehh…doubt it.  But it is great to know that this team now has some heart. Somewhere Michael Graham, Reggie Williams, and Othella Harrington are smiling.

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How Montgomery County Prevents the Terps from Being Great in Basketball

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that I graduated from the University of Maryland and that I do love the place. Please do not take this as Maryland bashing. Thank you for your understanding.

Kevin Durant, Ty Lawson, Jeff Green, Roy Hibbert, Carmelo Anthony, Kendall Marshall, Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, Josh Selby, Sam Young, Linas Kleiza, Rudy Gay, Scottie Reynolds, Dante Cunningham, Quinn Cook.

All players who played in the D.C. and Baltimore areas who chose to not attend the University of Maryland less than 20 miles away. Why not stay local?

Since the Terps won the championship in 2002, they have been mostly mired in mediocrity. Neverthless, most thought a big name coach would take over when Gary Williams retired this past spring. Yet the Terps were left with Mark Turgeon after bigger names such as Arizona’s Sean Miller spurned them. Why? The Terps have won a championship in the past decade, are in the ACC, and are surrounded by two areas known for producing incredible basketball talent. Why is this not a more prestigious job? Why aren’t the Terps annual contenders for an NCAA title?

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The Legend of Victor Page

Page and AI dominated at Georgetown.

The Kenner League is an NCAA sanctioned summer basketball league that is played at McDonough Arena on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. For hoops junkies, it is the Mecca of Basketball in the District that fills the basketball void that exists from the end of the NBA Finals in June to the beginning of Midnight Madness in October (at least for us cowards who aren’t brave enough to take in the games at the Goodman League at the Barry Farms projects).

The Kenner League is a free event (which is exceedingly rare in this economy) whose main purpose is to develop Georgetown’s freshman who all play on the same team. In 1994 a skinny freshman from Hampton, Virginia made his debut in the District at the Kenner League and cemented his legend. The Kenner League is also a Pro-Am comprised of college and NBA players with district roots. So in a game you can have local legends such as Isaiah Swann (formerly of Magruder High School and Florida State University) running the break with guys like James Gist (Good Counsel/Maryland) or Jeff Allen (Dematha/Virginia Tech), or Jeff Green blocking a Chris Wright attempt off the backboard. And who is that watching in the stands? Is that Patrick Ewing? Is that Alonzo Mourning? Is that Victor Page? Wait a minute, Victor Page? Oh, boy. This changes the story. It was at the most recent summer league game that I saw Victor. He was the player that forever changed the Georgetown basketball program. Fourteen years later, my feelings about him remain mixed.

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Kemba Walker Should Be the Top Pick in the Draft (and it isn’t close)

Before I proceed to the article, a quick confession: I hate introductions. From that first day of kindergarten when I pissed my pants when Mrs. Levinstein made me stand up in front of the rest of the class and state my name, I’ve despised them. They are awkward, generally uncomfortable, and they are a means to get to know someone who you probably are not going to like.

However, all that being said, I would like to introduce myself to you Every Month Should Be March readers. My name is Dalton Patterson and I am the newest writer for the blog.  Anyway, on to the article…

It seems ironic that it appears that my fellow writers at Every Month Should Be March only seem to have watched college basketball this season in November. This can be the only explanation for how they decided that Kyrie Irving should be the number one overall pick. I guess it is understandable. If you’ve been following the World Wide Leader the past few months (aka the Duke Propaganda Channel, DPC for short) it would really appear that the 2011 NBA Draft should simply be entitled “Kyrie and the Miracles” because except for the golden boy, no one else really has a chance at the top spot. I beg to differ. There is one transcendent talent in the draft, but he is not from Durham, Tucson, or Lexington. His name: Kemba Walker. Here are my top five reasons that he is the clear number one pick in the 2011 NBA Draft.

Kemba Walker with the dagger against Pitt in BE tourney

1. Pedigree – Duke produces great basketball teams, Jim Calhoun and UConn produces great basketball talent. Slapping the floor and huddling at the free throw line works great in Cameron and at the Final Four, not so much in the NBA. Give me Bobby Hurley, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, and J.J. Redick in Greensboro, NC for the ACC tourney every year. But if I own an NBA franchise? I’ll take Ray Allen, Ben Gordon, Emeka Okafor, Rip Hamilton, and Clifford Robinson. Thank you. (Although feel free to share Hasheem Thabeet jokes amongst yourselves).

2. The Conference – The Big East, for the past couple of years, has CLEARLY been the best basketball conference in the country. Now, some of you donkeys might tout the merits of the Big 12 or the ACC, but it’s a fool’s errand. The Big 12 and the ACC are incredibly top-heavy and simply lack the depth of the Big East (and for the ACC fans that still want to say what an idiot I am fine, knock yourself out. But the Big East has dominated the matchup between the two conferences in recent years- see St. John’s vs. Duke last year. Furthermore, take out Carolina and Duke and the ACC is basically the A-10 with a more Southern fan base. But I digress). Kemba, who is 6’1 and weighs around 170 pounds soaking wet, dominated the Big East this year, college basketball’s answer to SEC football, in a measure that has not been seen since Allen Iverson was on the Hilltop. Irving might be a good player, but his entire body of work was high school and a good game against an overrated Michigan State team. Not quite the Big East. This actually brings us to…

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